Dawn is gone. Night is here. Don’t weep. It’s time to go to sleep. Good Night!

A late 9i8 greeting doesn't only mean gud 9i8 it has a silant msg saying... ur my last thought at 9i8.

Sleep well, and that's I'll pray for you; May you get what you want and through. Wait for a new dawn and a day; As I wish you a lovely night today. Good Night!

Pankhe pe latki mundi Khrki se tumhe dekhti Atma Bed k niche bethi churail Parde k piche sar kati lash In Sb ki taraf dyhan Mt Dena Aram se sona GuD niGHT

life is full of tension, please don’t mention, God said tension come only when mention good night

Life without sleeping does not exist, day without night is not the blessing,this your time to enjoy GOD's nature inside of you with your eyes closed.Rosy night.

I amy be gone 4 a min 4 an hr 4 a day 4 a mth bt i'ii always b here 4 u i may not b able 2 aiways say gd mornin gd evnin gd nite by i'ii never say gudbye.....

Dosti agar Buri ho tau ussay hone mat do, Dosti agar Achi ho tau usse khonay mat do, or agar dost ho sabsay pyara to to to to to Ussay ziada jagnay mat do… Chalo sojao ab Good night

You Are The Reason Of My Sleepless Night, You Are The Reason Of My Daydreaming, My Life Starts With Your Bright Sunny Smile, I Cannot End My Day Without Wishing You Goodnight.

Sun Is Switched Off! Stars Are Switched On! Blue Sky Goes Off And Black Sky Comes In! So A Cool Night Is Coming! Go To Bed! And Sleep Well

My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation.

Since ur eyes are looking tired... Let ur eye lashes hug each other for few hours. Happy journey into the world of dreams... GOOD NIGHT

I wish Moon always b feel bright . And . U alwayz b Cool and Right . Whenever U go to switch off the light remember that i m wishing U . GOOD NIGHT! Keep Smiling

To Whom It May Concern: Plz be notified that the Most Beautiful Creation of God is Preparing to Sleep. Send ur Greetings now while he Still Awake Good Night!!!

Kon Dewana Hansta Hy Ronay Kay Baad, Jina Phir Bhi Pharta Hy Sab Kuch Khonay Kay Baad, Yeh Soch Kay Sab Dosto Say Mafi Mangta Hon, Shayad Phir Subah Na Ho Aaj Sonay K Baad. Good Night

Sky so wide... Stars so bright... Close your eyes... Touch your heart... Make a wish... Say good night... Sweet dreams face-smile.png

being in love with you my love makes every morning worth getting up for.. good night.. (<" ">)..have (=’o’=)..a nice (,)-(,)..dream

Good night:- G=Go 2 bed O=Of the light O=Out of tension D=Dreams come N=Nice dream I=Ignore sorry G=Get up H=Have a nice day T=Tomorrow.

The night is silent but I can't sleep. Maybe because I am waiting for my cell phone to beep. Before I dream, what I want is get your message and read.

it comes a tym in è evening wen ur eyes fail 2 hold themselves..pliz dnt force them coz they tells u 2switch them 2 my dreamland in ur drims..c u in ur dream

Andheri sadak. Sunsaan Kabristaan. Sooni haveli, Kala aasmaan. Raat Ho Gayee, So-ja Shaitaan! Gudnite!

A Shining ANGEL Stands Beside Your Silky Bed, Calling Ur Nice Name So Softly, Throwing Flowers On U And Saying Good Night & Sweet Dreams.

Stars light Stars bright u’re the only Star I see tonight. I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonight, good nite sweet dreams.

My heart Reacted…. My eyes Detected…. Between Thousands were Rejected.... But only U were Selected to be.... my sweetest love 4Ever!! Good Night.

Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight, Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight. But don’t make it a habit because I am not free every night. Goodnight...Sweet Dream...

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