Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

It was times like these when I thought my father, who hated guns and had never been to any wars, was the bravest man who ever lived.

Every day you either see a scar or courage. Where you dwell will define your struggle.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Being brave means knowing that when you fail, you don’t fail forever.

Greatness, in the last analysis, is largely bravery - courage in escaping from old ideas and old standards and respectable ways of doing things.

Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative place where no one else has ever been.

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts.

Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.

Brave men do not gather by thousands to torture and murder a single individual, so gagged and bound he cannot make even feeble resistance or defense.

Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul.

Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.

Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear. Except a creature be part coward it is not a compliment to say it is brave.

To him that waits all things reveal themselves, provided that he has the courage not to deny, in the darkness, what he has seen in the light.

It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

The only courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one moment to the next.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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