A student grabbed a coin, Flipped it in the air & said, "Head, I go to sleep." Tail, I watch a movie. If it stands on the edge I'll study:

The most funniest situation in student’s life: . When we have no idea what to write in paper and supervisor comes and say “wind up your papers”..

It takes 3 months for a Writer 2 months for a Doctor 1 month for a Lawyer and Only 1 night before exam for a Student To read a 1000 pages book All the best!

WHY STUDENT FAIL Sundays-52 in a year,Days left 313 Summer holidays 50,Days left 263 8 hrs daily sleep-130 days GONe, Days left 141 1 hr daily playing means 15 days,Days left 126 2 hrs daily for eating means 30 days.Days left 96, 1 hr talking means 15 days.,Days left 81 Exams days 35 days,Days left 46 Eid & Gov holidays 20, Days left 26 Movies,TV at least 25 days,Days left 1 That 1 day is your BIRTHDAY. Hun banda SALGIRHA waly din bhi parhy?

Exams are like girl friends - difficult 2 understand - too many questions - more explanations are needed And results are most of the time failure...

EXam’s song by Munna bhai: “Chanda Mama so Gaye, Student sarey jage. Dekho pakdo yaron, Ghadi ke kaante bhaage. Ek pariksha khatam,to duji shuru ho gayi MAAMU. (Exam song by Munna bhai )

Father:Nalaik paros ki larki ko dekh wo 1st aai hy. Sonface-surprise.png r kitna dekhon usi ko to dekh dekh k fail ho gia hun.

To accomplish great things, We must not only act, But also dream, Not only plan but also believe, Best wishes for your exams.

The Funniest Situation in Student Life: . . . . . . . . . When you have No idea what to Write in the Paper & the Examiner Comes & Says, "Please Hide your Answer Sheet"

A father asks peon: How are the studies in this college? Where do I see my son in future? Peon: The future is bright, I had also completed my engineering from the same college!

Ek Student Dusre Se: Aaj Kuch Khatarnak Kaam Karne Ka Maan Kar Raha Hai 2nd Student: To Phir Chal Kar Thori Parhai Karte Hein . .

New Exam Song. To Paper Paper Krti He. To Paper Se Kio darti he. Ak bar mujhe batla de too. To chiting ku nahi krti he. Kia hota he paper me. Paper ka laga don dhair. Me barish krdo pharron ki. jo to ho jae meri...

Thousand words of a teacher do not hurt, But The silence of a friend in the Examination hall brings tears into the eyes

All i want you is to be courageous Be calm and be self equipped with facts and figures to conquer this exams battle. I wish you is best of luck in your exams.

In exam madam said write Ur Loverz Name in Paper.. . . . After 02 seconds GIRLZ said: Finished madam.. . . . After 1 hour BOYZ Said: Extra Sheet plzzz...

The funniest situation in student life when we have no idea what to write in the exam paper n the supervisor comes and says, "please cover your answer sheet" :P

Samandar Bhar Syllabus Hota Hai Nadi Bhar Parh Pate Hein Balti Barh Yad Rehta Hai Chuloo Bhar Number Ate Hein Jis Mein Hum Doob Jatey Hain

What is the true meaning of 'Study'?? . . . . . . S. Sleeping T. Talking U. Unlimited sms D. Dreaming Y. Yaani mast life SO carry on study..!!

Har sawal say dut ker larna, Phainkhnay me kami mat karna, Moqa milay to pichay bhi dekhna, aur 1 bat yaad rakhna, aagay walay ka paper apna samajhna.

Human brain is the most outstanding object in world. It functions 24hrs a day, 365days a year. It functions right from the time we are born and stops only when we enter the examination hall.

Exams are there, at the paper u stare; the answer is nowhere, which makes u pull ur hair. The teachers make u glare, the grades r not fair, but just like the past 20 yrs, WE DON’T CARE !!

Pen Pencil Scale Eraser Sab taiyar hai.. AB Sirf.. Padhna Baki Hai...:-(

eXams are there, at the paper u stare; the answer is nowhere, which makes u pull ur hair. The teachers make u glare, the grades r not fair, but just like the past 20 yrs, WE DONT CARE !!

Wats d height of hope?? It is: sittin in d exam hall, holdin d question paper in hand n tellin ur self "dude,dnt worry. Exams wil get postponed!"

Exams ka saya hai, Exam ke dino mein sukh kisne paya hai Duniya wale kehte hain ache number lao, Par inhe kaun samjhaye yeh to moh maya hai. Still, all the best!

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