Press Down if u think u r MAD. I can”t Believe u Did That! Again? For God Sake! LORD!! Why u Still Doing it? Truth is out now! MENTAL CASE!!

two devils came in to my dreams. they said we want to disturb some nice persons. I suggest them your name. they said we can't disturb our boss.

Your network tariff has changed! Call charges are now calculated according to brain size. The smaller the cheaper! Congrats You can make free calls!

Diff B/W Ignorance & selfcontrol? When u c mirror & u don't laugh at yourself, that is ignorance! & When i look at u & i don't laugh, thats called self control:-)

Boyfriend : Please Keep Me In Your Brain, Not In Your Heart.. . Girlfriend : How Funny, Why Not Heart..? . Boyfriend : Because . . . . Your Heart Is Housefull And Brain Is Empty, More Empty Space Means More Comfort. 😀

Haqiqat samjho ya afsana, Apna samjho ya baigana, Hamara aapka rishta he purana, Is liye farz tha aap ko batana, kay garmiyan aa gayi hain, Ab shuru ker do roz nahana! jao nahao (,?. *,?.)

Khush to bohut hoge tum, baat hi kuchh aisi hai, 1st april jo hai aaj, dil mein gudgudi si ho rahi hogi, aur kyo na ho.. saal mai 1 hi toh din aata hai jo hota hai sirf tumhare naam.

U r a nice person... but..U have to do 2 things early in the morning... 1st. pray to God so that u can live.... 2nd.take a bath so that others can live....

I like watching you, I like to spend my time with you. But you are always surrounded by others as you are the main attraction of the ZOO!!!

u r a donkey D = decent o = outclass n = nice k = kind e – excellent y = young if yes then sms me proud 2 be a DONKEY:)

God has given many qualities to you, Good look, personality, charm, intelligence, And many more......this is call as "Allah meherbaan to gadha bhi pehalwan..."

Zindagi Me Agar Tumhe Kuch Ban Na Ho, Kuch Paana Ho, To Hamesha Apne Dimag Ki Suno, Agar Dimag Se B Koi Jawab Na Aye To, Aankhein Band Kar Ke Socho Kya Mere Pas Dimag Hai!!!

Boy: your teeth are like the stars Girl: awww … Thanks Are they that much pretty ? Boy: no, far away from each other.

Har Khushi Ko Teri Taraf Mod Du, Tere Liye Ye Duniya Chhod Du, Tere Liye Dil Ke Darwaze Khol Du, Tu Ek Bar Haske Dikha, Tere Sare Daant Tod Du..

I saw U on ROAD today. U were lukin SO fine, Ur face SO divine, Ur walk SO perfect. My HEART started singing a Sweet Song: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!

If a Girl reject ur proposal… Just say… . . . . . Thanks…. u give me chance to look a better girl than u….. . . . . . . . Kasam se Aag lag jayegi…

Arz kya hai: Jalay to aag kehtay hain, Bujhay to Khaak kehtay hain, Aap ke paas jis cheez ki kami hai, Us he ko to Dimaagh kehtay hain.

Mere Pas 1 Bandar Aya Aur Kaha, Mujhe Logo Ko Pareshan Karna Hai, Maine Tumhara Naam Bataya To Usne, Thappad Mara, Kaha ‘BOSS’ Se Panga Nahi Lene Ka..

A rose is always a rose whether its in a golden pot or in the ground?.. Same way you are always my friend whether you are in central jail or mental Hospital?

Human lies!, that is normal. lions eat grass, that is ok. but when a z monkey press a mobile keyboard that s amazing!!! hey r u still pressing..? face-smile.png face-smile.png

Yar network tariff has changed! Call charges are now calculated according to brain size. the smaller the cheaper! congrats you can make free calls! lolz

6 truths of life:- 1. You cannot touch all of your teeth with your tongue. 2. All idiots, after reading the first truth, try it. 3. The first truth is a lie. 4. You're smiling now, because you are an idiot. 5. You soon will forward this to another idiot. 6. There's still a stupid smile on your face.

What is the full form of singh: S-sardar I-insaan N-nahi G-gadha H-hai.

Tumhe dekh k aisa lgta he k insan pehele bandar tha dekho gussa mat hona warna, aisa lgta he k insan aaj b bandar he.

Bindas ho ke Jeenay ka, Tension nahi lenay ka! Achay Sapnay dekhnay ka, Mast Life guzarnay ka! Jin Bhoot se nahi darney ka, Bole to, Shisha nahi Dekhney ka!

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