Life is like a river,which have many,enjoy every turns because,these turns neverr r_e_t_u_r_n_s.

Cute Story:- A middle class boy asks his high class Girlfriend: "If I go very poor, will you Accept me..?" . Girl hugs him and says I am always with you.. . Boy: "If a very rich boy Proposes you ?" . Girl kissed the boy and says.. “I am sure that would be you."

What did I ever do, To deserve a friend like you? I’m glad I did whatever I did, Because my wish to have a friend as amazing as you, Has come true!

Cute relationship is… . . . when someone is angry with you and says “I will never talk to you” And later comes back to you to just inform you: “I am still angry”

rica has three ships, china has two ships, but i have one ship, that is ur friendship

Don’t be too good I might miss you, don’t be too caring I might like you, don’t be too sweet I might fall its hard for me to love you when you wont love me after all

एक 8 साल की लडकी Ice Cream पार्लर गई : वेटर : क्या चाहिए ? लडकी : ये Ice Cream कितने की है भईया..? वेटर : 15/- रुपये की.. लडकी ने अपना Pocket चेक किया, फिर छोटी वाली ICE CREAM की RATE पुछी.. वेटर ने गुस्से से कहा 12/- रुपये की है... लडकी ने कहा छोटी वाली दे दीजिए, लडकी ने पैसे दिए और Ice Cream खा कर चली गई... जब वेटर खाली प्लेट लेने गया तो, उसकी आँखो मेँ आँसु आ गये.. क्योकिँ.. उस लडकी ने उसके लिए tip के रुप मेँ 3/- रुपये छोडकर गई थी... MORAL- आपके पास जो कुछ भी है, उसीसे दुसरो को खुश करने की कोशिश करो.... :))

A very short but very nice line for a true relation- "Hurt me with the truth, But Never comfort me with a lie."

Friends like you don’t come around often. They’re pretty hard to find. I would do anything to keep you close to me. Because you are so sweet, loving and kind.

The nominies 4 nice lovers r;!!!!!! nd the winner is me coz i have you!!!

Love is like a chewing gum, it tastes only in the beginning! but friendship is like chocolate, it tastes till it ends!

Life is like a piano.Ahite keys are happy moments & Black keys are sad moments. But remember both keys r played together 2 give sweet music.Thats life live it…

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.

Friendship founded on business is always better than business founded on friendship!

iend like u is hard 2 find....difficult 2 loose...and impossible 2 forget,whether near r far u will remain in my heart for ever.

Pure friendship is: Bright like sun; High like sky; Strong like diamond; Kind like mother; Cute like me; And Sweet like you!

1 Advice – Don’t change 1 Request – Take care 1 Wish – Don’t forget me 1 Lie – I hate u 1 Truth – I miss u 1 Hope – We’ll always be Gud Friends.

A friend is an angel, somewhere that's true. An angel I love and who loves me too. Someone who knows about everything I do. A friend and angel, to me that's "you" :

All you need in the life is ignorance and confidence and then success is sure. good luck.

Friends are like mangga... you'll never know which is sweet and which is not. Well I'm lucky coz I was able to find the sweetest mangga in you!

Life is 5 star Mother is top star Father is king star Teacher is Ultimate star Lover is action star But A friend is the REAL STAR

When you give me a hug, You make me forget, About all my bad luck, And all the pain I have met.

Na jaane kyun mein tujh se kuch zyada rootha karti hoon, Teri doori seh jaaye is ke liye dil ko apne manaya karti hoon Kabhi to tujhe jaise bahut hi bura keh leti hoon, per dost jab Teri dosti ki misaale yad aati hai tujhe duaein diya krti hoon.

The way yOu lo0k into my eyes..!! it scares me.!! The way u say i lovE y0u..!! it scares me..!! The way u know just what to say..! it scares me.!! The ways u scare me i lOve it.!!

Do you know why God created gaps between fingers? So that someone who is special to you comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever.

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