You know Honey, Happiness is like a kiss, You must share it to enjoy it, So what’s the program honey, Let’s share the happiness!!”


If I Had One Wish, I Would Give You A Long And Tender Kiss, And If I Had Two Wishes, Then I Would Choose To Do It Over Again.

Whats life ? Life is love. Whats love ? Love is kissing. Whats kissing ? Come here and I show you.

Real ART Of |Kiss| Kiss on the ->Forehead!!! >>>Forever you will be mine<<< Kiss on the ->Ear!!! >>>I am horny<<< Kiss on the ->Cheek!!! >>>We’re friends<<< Kiss on the ->Hand!!! >>>I adore u{ Kiss on the ->Neck!!!>>>We belong together<<< Kiss on the->Shoulder!!!>>>I want u<<< Kiss on the ->Lips!!!>>>I love u<<< OR >>>I want u<<<

Na jane kab wo haseen raat hogi Jab unki nigahe humari nigaho ke sath hogi Baithe hai hum us raat ke intezaar me Jab unke hotho ki surkhiya humare hotho k sath hogi

A KISS ... Can Be A Comma (,) A Question Mark (?) Or An Exclamation Point (!) ... That's Basic Spelling That Every Woman Ought To Know

Kiss is the key of love. Love is the key of marriage. Marriage is the box of children. Children are problem of pakistan. So stop the kissing and save the pakistan.

One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.

This is a fun, flirty kiss for girlfriends to give their boyfriends. Put on a healthy amount of lip gloss or Chap Stick, then rub your lips on your partners' lips until theirs are coated, too. For extra fun, surprise your partner with a sweet, fruity lip gloss flavor.

When I met you I was afraid to kiss you, When I kissed you I was afraid to love you, Now that I love you, I am afraid to lose you.

if kisses were rain id send u showers, if fun was time id send u hours, if u needed a friend id send u me! *Happy Birthday To You Sweetheart*

A kiss is something you cannot give without taking & cannot take without giving.

Ladki Ladke ko kiss karti he, To ladke ke gal pe lipstick lag jati he. Ladka kehta he ye kya kiya? Ladki: Agar kuch acha karne se Dag lagta he to dag ache he...

What is Kiss? Kiss is an upper preparation for lower invasion, that will lead to further penetration, in fast acceleration that will build the next generation.

Life, the gift of nature Love, the gift of life A Kiss, the gift of Love...

kiss is pleaure ,feel it. when two lips kiss each other, their soul become one. plz kiss me and make me yours.

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

kiss me honee kiss me every time you want kiss me honee if you still love me

Kiss is the first step to show how much i lov you,how much i think about you, how much i miss u and show that i trust u...

A kiss is just a kiss till you find the one you love. A hug is just a hug till you find the one you're always thinking of. A dream is just a dream till it comes

Baby i love you so much and i want you to know how much you mean to me, baby i am nothing without you in my life baby Love you so much

Never ask for a kiss, just take it Never ask for a hug, just give it Never ask do you Love me? Say I Love U Never say I can’t live without you, say I love U.

If u read,u owe me a HUG, if u delete,u Owe me a kiss, if u save,u owe me a DATE, if u return txt msg 2 me, u OWE me All, bt if u ignore, U r MINe! So wat will U do?

WHAT IS A ” Kiss ”? ____________________________ In Maths :- ” Kiss is the shortest distance between 2 Lips” ___________________________ In Biology :- ” Kiss is just exchange of germs from one mouth to another” ___________________________ In Chemistry :- ” Kiss is a process of testing the PH of the lips ” ____________________________ In Physics :- ” It’s a process of charging a human body” ___________________________ In Computer :- ” Kiss is a local area network in which 2 bodies are connected without a data cable!”

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