The best way to start the day is with a cup of positivity. Good Morning!

Eyes are not meant 4 tears … . and heart is not meant 4 fear.. . . Never get upset but always cheer.. . . Bcoz u are the 1 who can .. . make people smile 4 years….!! . . . Good morning! :)

New day new blessing. Do not let yesterday's failures ruin the beauty of today, Because each day has its own promise of love, joy and forgiveness..... Good Morning...

Pyari si subah me pyare se panchhi, Pyare se kinare,Pyari se oss ki boonden, Pyari si thandi hawayein, Ek pyare se Dost ko pyara sa din de jaaye... Good Morning...

I may never have the opportunity to do great things for you, but I'll always find a chance to do small things in a great way...thru PRAYERS! Good morning!

Get up from ur soft soft bed Open ur teeny weeny eyes. Wear that jolly wolly smile & say to urself a Gud morning from my side. Hav a great day!

Thank you for waking me up. A warm good morning, after sweet dreams of last night. wish you a good day with good morning:)

Pyari Si *.Pehli Morning Me. *.Thandi Thndi *.Hawao Me *.Pyari Si *.Roshni Me. *.Pyar Bhri* .Duaon K Sath.* *.Sabse Pahle *.ApKo Pyari si ~ @ ~ @ Good Morning # ~ # ~

You have woken up into another morning. It’s another chance to make sad people happy, forgive who did wrong to you, and say sorry to those who you might have hurt. Happy Morning!

Medicine and meditation come from the same root. They are both meant to heal. Medicine heals the body, meditation heals the soul. Good Morning!

सौ गुना बढ़ जाती है खूबसूरती, महज़ मुस्कराने से, फिर भी बाज नही आते लोग, मुँह फुलाने से । ज़िन्दगी एक हसीन ख़्वाब है , जिसमें जीने की चाहत होनी चाहिये, ग़म खुद ही ख़ुशी में बदल जायेंगे, सिर्फ मुस्कुराने की आदत होनी चाहीये. GOOOD MoRNing

Beautiful Tomorrow Never Comes, When It Comes It is Already Today! In Hunt Of Beautiful Tomorrow, Lets Not Waste The Wonderful Today. Good Morning!

Morning is God’s way of telling us: Here is One more time! Live life. Make a difference. Touch a heart. Inspire a soul… Encourage a mind. Good Morning

Do U know the meaning of morning? Morning means One More Inning given by "GOD" To PLAY and WIN.. Hav a winning day.gud morning.

For a nice friend like you "nice morning".. For a loving girlfriend "lovely morning" For a sweet sister "sweet morning" For a Good friend like all of you "good morning"

5 StePs 2 a LOVELY MORNING > CLoSE Ur EyEs, > TakE a DEEP BreaTH, > OpeN UR Arms WidE, > FeeL ur HeartBeat & > SAY… its 2 EARLy, Lets Sleep Again. Good MORNING!!!!

Great attitude is like a perfect cup of coffee – don’t start you day without it. Good morning.

Sending u 1000 smiles take 1 for now & Keep the remaining 999 under ur pillow, Pick out 1 every morning coz I want 2 see u smiling always. Good Morning

The sun iz up & shining bright. Wow, I wish I waz still in bed 2day, With my eyes r still closed tight! Have a Gr8 day!!

Morning greetings doesn’t only mean; saying Good Morning, it has a silent message saying; I remember you when I wake up! Have a nice day!

Cool Morning Breeze And Pearly Dew Drops, Waving Green Leaves And Flowers Blossom, All Bring Joy and Say, To Start a Happy New Day Good Morning.

"Happiness is not based on position,power or prestige but on the relationship with other people those u love and care". Good Morning…!!

Each day is a new opportunity to express and share my love for you...this is what makes the morning so good... HAVE A GOOD MORNING AND A WONDERFUL DAY AHEAD

Tazi hawa me phulo ki mehak ho, Pehli kiran me chidiyo ki chehak ho, Jb bhi kholo tm apni palko ko, Un palko me bs khushiyo ki jhalak ho. GM

Every morning you wake up is actually the first day of the rest of your life, so make it memorable! Good Morning All.

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